Environment. Educate. Eknovate.


Eknovate strongly believes in active participation towards the welfare and development of the eco-system it works in and the concept of ‘giving back’ to the society. The following are some of the programs through which we help the society.

Enabling Knowledge Innovations in Schools

We at Eknovate believe in nurturing talent from its roots. We have a special program designed exclusively for schools - The ‘Innovation at School’ Program. We visit one school campus each month and have a session focusing on Creativity, Analytical and Logical Reasoning, Out-of-the-Box thinking and Problem-solving. We have also funded several under-privileged schools and are committed to reduce the percentage of ‘drop-outs’.

Enabling Knowledge Innovations in Environment

We help design and enable innovative and leading edge technology solutions that help in a Green and sustainable environment. We are currently focusing on solutions in energy efficiency, emission control, energy conservation in transmission and alternative energy technologies.

For more information, please contact: info@eknovate.com or sales@eknovate.com