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Technology and Consumer Electronics companies are facing dual challenges of shorter product life cycles and demands for continuous product innovation. Most products are tailored for the masses and the rapidly decreasing inventories along with supply/demand mismatch have added to the woes of the companies. Shrinking product lifecycles has put pressure to achieve faster time to market and increased service competitiveness.

In addition to the above, Technology Service Companies are undergoing huge transformation due to M&A Consolidation taking place across the industry. This is putting significant pressure on the CTO, CFO, COO and CHRO to look for various new business and operations models to synergize and optimize their cost structures.

Eknovate helps Technology companies by providing customized product life cycle management ensuring faster time to market and reduced cost of product ownership; while providing superior customer experience for each product. We provide Technology Services companies multiple options to transform their processes and cost structures by providing immense flexibility in our services outsourcing offering.

We provide the following services to our clients:

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