Recruit. Retain. Eknovate.

HCM - Human Capital Management

Make your human capital flexible, scalable and dynamic without the administrative hassles

We can provide end to end solutions for comprehensive Human Capital Management to our Clients and their Transformational needs. Starting with the Workforce Capacity Analysis and Demand Planning, we provide Talent resourcing (Direct hiring), Talent Management (Staff Augmentation and Staffing), Talent Development (performance management and skill enhancement) as well as handling complete recruitment process on behalf of our clients.

While many clients leverage us to help with their Staffing requirement, we can provide one of all of the above value chain of human capital management.

Our ability to provide such turnkey services enables you to effectively plan your workforce requirements. From identification of the right resources to being able to provide them on outsourced payrolls, we will be able to help you achieve your scale with the right talent in the shortest possible time.

  • Workforce Planning (Capacity Analysis and Demand Planning)

  • Talent Resourcing (Direct Hiring)

  • Talent Management (Contingent hiring, Staff augmentation and Staffing)

  • Talent Development (Performance management and Skill Enhancement)

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing


Below are some of the typical skillsets we can source for you. However, if you have a special or a unique requirement, we would be happy to provide a recommendation or plan for sourcing the same:

  • Call Center Agents

  • BPO Staff

  • F&A resources

  • Procurement Specialists

  • SCM Analysts

  • Logistics Coordinators

  • Legal Analysts

  • Helpdesk Engineers

  • Designers

  • Draftsman

  • Healthcare Coders

  • Healthcare Billing Clerks

  • Healthcare insurance coordinators

  • Collection Specialists

  • DevOps

  • Retail Clerks

  • Front Office Executives

  • Retail Sales Personnel

  • Insurance Coordinators

  • Trainers

  • Middle Managers

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